Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Success versus Failure

There is no such thing as Failure in weight loss. Only giving up. Case in point. Last night was my husband's birthday. We went out for dinner to The Keg. It's our favorite place. They hand wrote him a birthday card and everyone working that night signed it. I really didn't want a steak. I'm eating much healthier now and it's just not my favorite thing. I LOVE scallops. And salmon if done right. But the seafood just didn't seem to be that much better. I saw a lot of seafood with cream sauces or butter. And that just wasn't really what I was searching for when I say seafood. I like herbs and spices and lightly grilled.

So I had steak. I got the steak done the way I wanted and got the sides, appetizer, and dessert that I wanted. I figured if I couldn't do it better I would do it my way. Today I was right back on my game plan. I feel great. I don't feel guilty for what I ate, because, I did what I wanted. Not because I could but I weighed my options and made the right decision.

Had I said well I gave up last night in the battle and let the rest of my week go downhill then that's just giving up. One minor set back is not failure. Even if I gain 1 pound this week instead of lose it. Again, that would be giving up. Seeing the scale go up 1 pound and giving up is just giving up. I didn't fail. I let life happen and enjoyed my night. I ate what "I" wanted. Not what I should be eating, or tried to save 100 calories on the night.

I had fun and now I'm back in the game. But I'm still in the game!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life has gotten in the way...

You probably all have experienced this. From time to time life gets in the way and prevents us from losing weight. I feel like I have been so out of touch that I wanted to get everyone up to speed as to what is going on and why it's been 5 months since I last posted an update.

These last 5 months have been more than enough to bear without having to try to lose weight on top of everything else. Dieting has been next to impossible and I thought rather than fail I would just postpone things a bit.

Normally I would not be as gracious to myself, but these 5 months have been a very rare exception for me. If I would have tried to start a diet I would have hated myself for putting myself through this at a time like this so I did not.

About 5 months ago my husband had a cancer scare that really through him for a loop. He has been having general digestive issues. About 5 years ago he had his gall bladder removed. There were about 100-200 stones and he nearly died. His liver was in failure. He is so stubborn about going to the doctor that he let the gall bladder get so bad that it began affecting other organs as well. Even a glass of water or soda was setting off his gall bladder and producing gall stones. Some of the words that doctors uttered were impossible to believe. I am still curious what those enzyme levels were but they were so off the chart that one doctor advised he had never seen levels that high in anyone alive. It took about a week in the hospital on IV before the gall bladder and liver were healthy enough to operate. Luckily he survived.

About 2 months ago we moved back to Arizona from being on the East Coast for a year. Initially my job was going to let me try to work remotely. But they really needed someone in the office and in the end was not meant to be. I was able to find work in a very short time span (2 weeks). Which is really good in this economy. We spent about the past 2 months house hunting. With interest rates so low, and housing prices some of the lowest ever, it only made sense that we try and buy now. There is some new construction we fell in love with and made an offer. It was accepted and we have been spending about the last month making choices on all the various options. The location is great, as is the price. And the options for modifying the floor plan has been incredible. It's not a custom home, but is very close to custom or semi-custom. Eventually my husbands dream is to build a fully custom home that we create from floor to ceiling. But that's many years down the road. And when we finally are more financially secure. Right now that's far from the case. But it's always nice to dream big.

Then about 3 weeks ago my husbands father died abroad. He was killed in a car accident in Saudi Arabia. We had the memorial within a week and burial was this weekend. I'm 110% fully exhausted from it all. I am spending all my free time these days working out the final housing details. The rest of my waking time is spending time with my husband and his mother through it all.

So like I say, life has gotten in the way. I had considered dieting through it all. It would have been just as easy to throw together a salad these past 3 weeks as it would have been to grab fast food on the way. But then again, my time has been very valuable to me and those around me. And time is what we all needed together, full of lots of hugs, rather than making salad.

But this week I was able to get back on track. My diet has been completely meat free so far this week. I'm sorry to say that I didn't take any pics of all the great and yummy salads. But I'm one to always make terrific salads so there will be many pics yet to come as I progress. My lunch break is almost over, but soon as I have a break in my day I will post an update to what I have eaten so far this week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It came it came!

I'll get some photos up tonight. My SodaStream is here. It actually came last night, but I am using a camera from work for blogging for now, and I actually was having some issues figuring the camera out. It's a 12.2 megapixels so clarity should be just fine. When I first started using the camera it was taking pics about as good of quality as my cell phone. Which 12.2 definately should not be like that. I also some how turned on the flash and tried resetting back to factory settings but still the flash was there so the pics were bad when I first started playing with it and only got worse with the flash. I couldn't tell the watermelon from the strawberries in some pictures. Now I know why some times I go to a restaurant and the menu pics are so horrible. That's kind of how my pictures were looking. But I found how to change the settings now, got the flash turned off, and now the quality is very good. Now I just need to find the cords and I'll get the pics uploaded tonight so you can see.

I do have 1 gripe about the camera. It's a GE, A1251 model. The factory settings are not ideal. So if you are pullig the camera out and taking pics for the first time, the quality isn't the best. Also, it's not very easy to find how to change the quality. I also found there were 2 things you have to change in order to change the quality. Both I stumbled upon. The camera was already set to best quality but then there was something else I had to change. I'm still not sure what it is exactly as the symbol didn't really mean much to me. Was an eye and then a 3 next to it. I changed it to 10 and the quality is immensely better. There is a menu botton and all sorts of settings. But the way you change some settings is not thru menu where all the other settings are.

The fruit in my fruit salad this morning wasn't very good so I'm going to turn it into a smoothie. The assortment isn't what I'm normally used to either. I don't normally get papaya/guava/mangoes in mine. I'm not actually sure the difference between them. I have 2 of the 3 in my fruit salad today. I still think mangoes make a much better smoothie than they do by themselves. My smoothie this morning is 1 whole banana, some orange juice (I'm at work and don't have any other way to sweeten so fruit juice it is) and then slices of pear, watermellon, oranges, and papaya/guava/mango.

There is a kitchenaid at work so I can make smoothies at work. It's really nice, I wish I could make them at home, but for now it will have to do.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting statistics

I still need to measure my arms, etc. Soon as I do that I will update this post. For now, here is where I am starting at. Not good, but at least I have a starting point. Looking forward to the end point but 1 day at a time I always say.

188.6 pounds
44.8% body fat
29.5 bmi

Not great. But it can only get better from here.

Today wasn't a great start for me. Coffee for breakfast and I didn't get me a journal this weekend to log my eating. I will get that this morning and hopfully my SodaStream will be here and I can get started tomorrow. I did bring some bananas to work and I will be using the blender here at work to whip up some smoothies, etc.

I had thought about starting last week, but last week was far too hectic to really dig in. I did finally get to the grocery store on Sunday and stocked up on healthy food for a change. So that's a good start. And while Monday has not been my better days, I did know what I was getting myself into when I went to bed late last night. Tonight will be much better. Even though we still have game night I will make sure we are getting to bed sooner. I thought it would just work itself out on it's own but it hasn't.

I'm not blaming or making excuses. Life happens. The reason for the disrupted sleep is that hubby hasn't been feeling well for about a month now. Since he isn't resting very well it means I'm also not getting well rested. It's both a worry a worry of not knowing what this might be, and just not feeling well so sleep is often not perfect. I blame myself, I thought maybe if he got some extra rest it would only help his body to repair itself. Unfortunately that trick only works on me. I read my body very well. When I notice the first sign of getting sick it's lots of bed rest for me. I learned this early on, if I can get a lot of OJ and sleep when I first get sick it never gets very bad for me. When I don't my illness lingers for a very long time. It never gets bad, but it just lingers for weeks or months until I finally have to intervene with an antibiotic. At that point the illness is well rested in my body so me getting more sleep won't help. The other thing that happens if I don't get enough rest so that my body can kick it, is it will become very bad. This only happens if it's sinus related or bronchial related. I'm prone to sinus infections and bronchitis. Those will both flare up really severely if I don't follow my normal regime. Anyhow, to make a long story short this doesn't work for hubby and all that a nap during the day does for him is cause him to want to stay up late. I've learned my lesson and that won't happen again.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looking forward to getting my sodastream

So I thought I would try and pass the time and found some really cool ideas for what else I can make into soda with My SodaStream! I'm really looking forward to making some fruit juice spritzers. I'm a child of the 80's and I can remember when there was selzer water in every flavor imaginable. I might be the only one that remembers, but if not that's cool. From time to time I buy too much fruit and it has to be frozen. Berries are great for this and I think they would make for some great soda's. I came across some really great video's, the following is one of them:

Job search

Well, we are in the process of job searching. At least hubby is. He's had a couple interviews a few months ago that didn't turn into anything, and 2 recent that he's really hoping work out. Also another place he really wants to work for is finally lifting their hiring freeze. It's not been lifted and they have had the freeze for a long time, so we shall see how that will turn out. Hopefully that works out as well.

That will affect where we end up living. I may end up working from home depending how long of a commute we end up having. Now that he has passed the bar it opens up a lot of jobs for him. There were a lot of positions that require admission into the bar in order to even apply.

We shall see how that turns out.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking forward to getting My SodaStream

Most of the regular soda in the house has been drunk, so looking forward to getting my SodaStream this weekend or early next week. Doing well on my eating plan so far. I do need to get to the grocery store this weekend.

Exercise is another thing entirely. Problem is not getting enough sleep. I already know if I try to hit the gym on little to no sleep that I won't have much success. Which is really a bummer. I've been wanting to go but we are going to sleep every night this week at 12pm or 1am. And that isn't any good for anyone. I'm usually up around 7:30 which means I'm already struggling at work to stay awake or wake up in the first place.

There is really only 1 solution to this problem. Next week I am going to commit to getting 7 hours of sleep every day so that I can get my workout in. What this means is there may be days I don't get up until after 8am. Means I'm going to have to anticipate being late to work some days during the week but I can't not work out.

Today was a good day for eating. I still need to get a journal and start getting up some pics of what I've been eating. I'll get that info added. But today was coffee for breakfast. I know I shouldn't but I got like no sleep last night, and I ended up coming home and crashing for a nap for a couple hours. Lunch was much better. I had a roasted red pepper/tomato/mozzarella sandwich. with a pickle and chips. I did eat the pickle but not the chips. I will pawn off the chips on hubby. And then dinner was chinese food. Not the greatest, but it wasn't breaded (scallops and shrimp hunan style). For dessert I had some Amy's organic chocolate cake (just a smidge) and then I helped finish off hubby's ice cream.

Ok, so today wasn't good, at all. Good grief, come to think of it this week hasn't been very good. Oh well. I'll get to the grocery store this weekend so I end up with actual food to eat. And then I'll do good this week coming up.

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